Friday, July 9, 2010

Special Thanks

I won the opportunity to chose a fabulous authentic Venetian Carnavale Mask from the web store 1001 Venetian from a give away Joe, of the wonderful blog Italyville, held on his blog.  The winner of the give away was presented with a $50 gift certificate. 

There are many wonderful masks on 1001 Venetian, and it was not an easy choice, but there was something about this traditional red, black and white Nazo Turko Mask which made me feel it was one of the more mysterious and unusual masks, and one that would stand out in a crowd! Don't you agree?

Thank you Joe!  Please visit Joe's blog Italyville where he, in his words: "writes about growing up Italian in Massachusetts, his experiences living and working in Bologna, visits to the family's Olive farm in Calabria and everything along the way."  I particularly enjoy his authentic Italian family recipes.

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